Monday, April 9, 2012

growing things

What a warm spring we've had here in the midwest. Everything seems to be blossoming and full, and despite my reservations regarding the cause of it all, I'm happy to be spending the days outside, feeling the sun and preparing the soil for all the growing things.

Flats of seeds are beginning to sprout under lights in our laundry room, others are already tucked into the dirt. After our mild winter, it's surprising to see all the vegetables that overwintered -- leeks, carrots and onions were pulled throughout the winter months, and the kale and celery left from last year are growing strong again.

We're seeing the first of our asparagus, which is so tempting to pick. But if I follow the rules, we have to let the plants grow one more year before harvesting. The garlic we planted last fall is now sporting tall, green tops, and the fruit trees are taking turns showing off their flowers.

I love the excitement of this season, the planning and working and looking ahead to what good things will come from all that is starting to grow now.

And this year, we've got one more thing growing as we get ready to welcome another sweet baby this fall.

Yes, it is exciting to be growing things.