Friday, September 24, 2010


The Kelly Miller Circus came to town this week. The kids and I joined their Grandma in the morning to watch the set up. It was interesting to learn so many of the details that go into running such a large operation. The circus is on the road nine months of the year, appearing in different towns each day. The number of vehicles in their caravan, the miles of electricity cord they lay out to set up each day, the choreographed efforts of everyone involved in setting it up and taking it down - it was quite impressive.

watching the elephant put up the big top

the elephant at work

I must admit, I feel conflicted about the circus. It's easy to romanticize a travelling circus, especially one that seems so old-fashioned as this one does, but it's hard to let go of the concern for the animals and their well-being. The circus performers were quick to mention many positive things about the animals' treatment and how their relationships develop with the handlers, and it was good to see that all of the performing dogs were rescued from shelters.

And there was certainly no denying the kids' enjoyment when we returned that evening for the performance.