Wednesday, December 22, 2010

winter on the farm

It's Tuesday, which means we were at the farm today. And it's the solstice, happy winter to us all. The light was low; lamps were needed to finish the chores in the barn, where the cows and horses help hold the heat. When we were done with the work, we set out on a yule log hunt. My friend who works at the farm was kind enough to hide one for us. I remember yule log hunts at the nature center when we were young, hiking through the woods, searching for the log with the red ribbon tied around it. Once found, we would carry it to the cabin to add it to the fire and warm ourselves with wassail.

Tonight the kids ran about, searching high and low.

The yule log was found in the hollow of an old tree. We brought it to my brother's house for a fire and dinner. That night, the kids each got a winter gift before bed.

I made them each a heat pack, filled with flax, rice and lavender. They have been taking the heat packs I made when pregnant with Charlotte to bed with them for weeks now, and each night I sneak in and take them back when I'm ready for bed. Crawling into a warm bed is such a comfort, so we warm the packs each night at bedtime and tuck them in between the covers while the children brush teeth and have stories. By the time they crawl into bed, their sheets are toasty warm.

A little bit of warmth and mama love for the winter ahead.