Thursday, March 1, 2012


Though it hardly feels like winter even happened, all signs are pointing toward spring these days. It isn't marked by green sprouts yet, or the return of favorite birds, or the unfurling of leaf buds. Around here, the coming of spring is now marked by running sap.

With tools in hand and all the new spiles and buckets that came my way this Christmas, we more than tripled the number of taps we had last year. While I knew this would mean more sap, I don't think I was quite prepared for how fast those buckets would fill! Aided by the warm weather, we've gathered more than 70 quarts of sap since we tapped on Sunday and have already begun boiling it down.

The kids are excited to help with this work, eager to check the buckets each day and taste the clear, running sap straight from the trees.

Already the smell of the cooking sap has turned heavy and sweet, a good sign of what's to come, and a contributing factor to the sweet tooth we all have going on today. I think I just might go bake some cookies, to hold us over until there's syrup for tasting!


Lindsay said...

Ahhhh sugaring time! We are missing it this year. I'm too pregnant and too uncomfortable to bother with hauling in buckets and keeping watch over the boiling sap. Maybe that makes me a cop-out, oh well.

I'm feeling all nostalgic, seeing your lovely sugaring photos. Enjoy your maple syrup!

Amanda Greco Holmes said...

Oh, not a cop-out at all, Lindsey! You are certainly allowed to take it easy here at the end of your pregnancy. Wish you were close enough to come enjoy the sugaring fun with us!