Monday, November 15, 2010

free time

Completely unplanned, this weekend found me with an afternoon alone at home... no children, no husband... just me and some tea and The Avett Brothers. I realized that it was the first time since we moved here over a year ago that I have had the house to myself. I wandered for a bit, not sure what to do with the time. But soon I found myself here:

with this lovely fabric dug out of a box that came from my husband's grandmother's house

I pulled out some others I'd been hanging on to with the thought of making new covers for the couch pillows. With a few measurements, a bit of inspiration, and that precious and rare uninterrupted time, came this:

An acceptable first attempt. Of course, I only managed covers for two of the three pillows. Who knows how long until I have a similar coincidence of time and inspiration to finish the third. No one seems to be complaining for now...