Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays -- family, food, tradition and the start of the holiday season with weeks of celebrating to come.

I love hearing all the things my family is grateful for, the children excitedly talking about what the day will bring. Of course, my family is among the things I am most grateful for. The time we share, the work we do together, the changes each year brings are all things I reflect on this time of year.

This Thanksgiving, we worked together to make the pumpkin pies we brought to the two dinners we attended. Fresh roasted pumpkins and homemade pie crusts go together so nicely.

And while we usually resist spending any money on Black Friday, I have to add one more bit of gratitude this year: the sales at Whole Foods. More specifically, the sale on apples. Organic fuji apples for less than a dollar a pound! Add on the 10% case discount, and I was sold. We came home with a full bushel of apples. Because we need another 45 pounds of apples.

There is never enough applesauce around here!