Friday, February 25, 2011

the stable

When the kids start in with their pleas for ponies, it helps to have horses at the ready. Working at the farm each week usually satisfies their longings, but we're lucky to get some extra help from my brother whose horse is boarded not far from our home. The kids went out to the stable to get their hands dirty and their heads full of horse dreams.

I'm grateful for days like this for so many reasons. It certainly helps the way a new destination shakes up our winter rotation (library, nature center, open gym, repeat). The children enjoy and learn so much from these moments, and I'm glad for the time they are spending with their uncle, the memories they are making and the relationships they are building.

Oh, I'm also just as grateful for the way these visits help to satisfy those childhood hankerings for a horse of their own. We'll see how long it will last...