Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring coming on

Oh, spring. It sure does seem to be taking its time. A few glimpses here and there of what it might bring, even a day or two of summer preview, but spring as we know it best has yet to take its place outside our window. We're doing our part to bring spring inside, even if it won't show its face at our door.

Despite the chill in the air and the recent snow on the ground, I can tell spring is surely around the corner. It must be, for the ducks are busily waddling through the backyard, the kids are asking to dye eggs, and just the other day there was the annual spring piano recital.

It must be spring coming. There is the rising, hard-to-contain energy in the little ones romping about, the heightened interest in the environment that accompanies this time of year (and an Earth Day interview with a local newspaper -- more on that soon!), and the flapping and stretching of a variety of wings...

Ah, springtime... We'll keep playing the part until you decide to join us.


Kate said...

Oh I love your pictures. It helps to have spring in the house when we have to wait so long to enjoy it outside.

Anonymous said...

I'm soo glad I found your blog! Very interesting :) I can't wait to make the jelly and yogurt!