Monday, July 11, 2011

in the morning

A few mornings a week, I rise before the rest of the house to watch the world wake up on the farm.

The light in the early morning has its own quality, reflected on the dew in the grass, glinting soft and golden in the quiet corners of the barnyard.

They are there waiting for me, waiting for their breakfast and the familiar routine of this part of the morning's chores. The work is peaceful and meditative, and as I move through the rhythms of the buckets and scoops and forkfuls of hay, the sleepiness fades and morning takes its place.

Senses filled, hands busy, I can think of no better way to begin a day. It is calm, but sometimes exciting, as it was on the morning I forgot to close the barn door and only realized my mistake when four cows were running about the farmyard. Oh, but that does make for a good story to tell.

Some mornings, one or more of the children will rise with me to greet the day. Still sleepy and soft from their dreams when we begin, they unfold into the day with the rest of the creatures here. They talk with the cows, knowing each by name. There is gratitude for the milk and for the connection we have with the source of it.

photo courtesy of Sophia

When our work is done, we move on into the rest of our day, our empty jars (and so much more) having been filled in the space of a morning.


Susan said...

Amanda, your posts always move me closer to moving back to the country. So lovely and peaceful. (though I recognize the staggering amount of work that comes with it!)

Amanda Greco Holmes said...

Moments like these make me want to move to the country, too! I do feel so blessed to have these opportunities right down the road, despite living in the suburbs. Grateful, as well, for the way the work is shared among everyone who cares for this place.

Lindsay said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)