Tuesday, July 19, 2011

on simple living

Tomorrow night, I will be speaking with the Holistic Moms Network of Rockford, IL about simple living. The Holistic Moms Network is a nationwide organization that works to create communities and provide support for natural living on the parenting journey.

I'm excited to speak with other like-minded mothers, sharing our personal visions for simple living. Parenting can provide some of the greatest opportunities for living our values, but also presents some of the deepest challenges as we work to gently influence the children whose lives we share.

If you're in the Rockford area and would like to join us, please feel free to contact the local chapter or come on by!

Holistic Moms Network Meeting
Wednesday, July 20 at 7 p.m.
Just Goods Store
201 7th Street, Rockford Il

And because I can't bear the thought of a post with no pictures, I give you this:


Chickens and naked babies. Simple living at its best!


jessi said...

If that is Charlotte, as I suspect, she is the awesome, as are you. That's right, THE awesome. Go forth, and show Rockford how the awesome you are. And when you return, there will be much Scrabble.

Brenda Puska said...

I love how babies can be naked and its so beautiful and natural. Finn goes naked in our backyard all the time...he is 3. Daddy thinks it should end now..but I'm on the mind of let it go...let it go..wish I could run naked in my backyard!
Thanks again for taking time to share such wonderful things at our meeting tonight with HMN. I enjoyed it.


Kelly Ramos said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love your blog! The naked baby picture seals the deal! So precious! I had a great time at the HMN meeting last night and appreciated all that you had to share. I hope to see you again sometime!


Amanda Greco Holmes said...

Yes, Jessi, that is Charlotte. And thank you for the new title.

Brenda and Kelly, I sincerely enjoyed speaking with you all the other evening. It was wonderful to hear from so many other brilliant mamas about the thoughtful ways you all approach parenting. Thanks for taking the time to visit here. Hope to share more with you both soon.