Monday, August 1, 2011

simple reminders

Last month's meeting with the Holistic Moms Network of Rockford was a great discussion about simple living. It was refreshing to hear from so many mothers who strive to know and live their values every day.

As we talked about our own personal ideas of simplicity, there were many phrases that stood out as being at the heart of simple living. At the end of our discussion, I invited each woman to create her own simplicity reminder to serve as a guidepost for her days. Each person thoughtfully chose the phrases, actions, purposes and ideas they wished to reinforce in their lives and wrote them out to post on a fridge or hang on a mirror where they can be seen throughout the day.

Using many of the words that came up in our discussion, I have created a similar simple living reminder that you are welcome to print out from Wordle. Just click on the image below:

Wordle: simple reminders

In response to many of the questions that arose in the Holistic Moms Network discussion, I'll be putting together some posts that specifically address ways to incorporate the ideas of simplifying into everyday tasks.

I am grateful for the ideas and inspiration each woman shared and for the gentle reminders that help to shape our days.


Sara said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Greco Holmes said...

You're welcome, Sara!