Thursday, September 15, 2011

in the swing of things

From a lazy summer where nothing much was demanded of us on any given day (save the obligation to soak in the sun) comes the return to routine. Violin lessons, writing class, reading groups, art, dance, swimming, and more. Family and festivities have also been in the mix, as we gathered to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday, and a bit more somberly, to celebrate the life of a woman my children and I came to know and love as "Grandma."

Amid all this, there have been picnics in the yard, with special guests attending.

There are the waning fruits of the season, as the last of the late strawberries and raspberries grow red, and the first-ever peaches ripen on our tree.

There are the onions, pulled and dried, and the melons and squash readying on the vine.

And there is more to share with you... recipes, a fun tutorial, some pickling and experiments with fermenting, and more updates from out back. But for now, we are taking a long weekend away with family, in a last attempt to capture all that remains of summer.

I might be a bit slower to post these days as we find our pace, back in the swing of things!

**I'll be teaching a new session of Starting Solids:101 at Be By Baby in Chicago next Thursday, September 22nd. If you're local, please feel free to join us or spread the word!**


Lindsay said...

Your picnic and your produce look so lovely!

We've resumed violin lessons around here, too, and welcome the return of the routine :)