Thursday, September 29, 2011

off the vines

On our way back from Michigan, we stopped at an orchard for some apple picking fun. We were excited to find that grapes were also ripe for the picking! We picked a variety of marquis and concord grapes. As we toted them home, I wondered just what we would make with them. There have been so many jams and jellies already this year that the thought of more was a bit overwhelming (though I suppose it isn't too early to begin thinking of holiday gifts).

Off the stem, washed and into a pot they went to simmer away. The lovely ladies at Be By Baby recently gave me a baby food mill to demo for my baby food class. I thought I'd give it a spin with these grapes.

While I'm not one much for promoting products, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this gadget. I've used a variety of food processors and kitchen gadgets over the years, making everything from baby food to apple sauce, soups and sauces. I was impressed with how smoothly this food mill pressed the grapes. It was easy enough for the kids to use and cleaned up quickly, without any sharp blades or electrical cords to worry about. We used it to sauce the apples we brought home, too, and the texture of the applesauce is perfect!

We pressed out several quarts of grape juice, and the thought of making jelly returned. But the kids are enjoying the fresh, unfiltered juice so much that I don't think there will be enough left for canning!


Kara said...

I have a larger version of that food mill and I love it! It's my go-to for soups and sauces. I've never used it for juicing, though. Sounds yummy!

Julie said...

That just looks so yummy!