Wednesday, October 5, 2011

indian summer

Here's a fun project for those warm autumn days that call us out among the changing leaves. The kids love these fun streamer toys, especially since they are quick and easy to make and bring hours of enjoyment. They're simple enough for children and beginning sewers to create and small enough to use up scraps of your favorite fabric!

You will need:

  • Fabric

  • Three lengths of ribbon, about 12" each

  • Scissors, needle and thread

  • Pen or pencil

  • Funnel

  • Rice or beans to fill the ball

Begin by selecting and preparing the fabric for cutting.

Fold your fabric in half and trace a circle on the wrong side of the fabric. You can use a jar lid or any other sized circle as a guide (unless you are better than I am at drawing circles freehand!). Cut out your circles.

Stitching by hand or machine, sew the edges of the circles together, right-sides facing, leaving a space large enough to turn your work right-side out.

Turn your work right-side out. Using a funnel, fill your bag with rice or beans.

Cut your ribbons and place them inside the opening in your ball. Fold the fabric of the opening in and pin the ribbons and fabric in place.

Sew the ribbons securely in place, making sure to catch both sides of the fabric to seal the opening. A few extra stitches here will ensure the rice stays inside the ball!

It's done! Swing it by the ribbon tails and watch it fly...


Jen said...

Great project! I think this would be perfect for the goody bags at my son's birthday party.

DeLynn said...

I like this one! I am going to post it to Pintrest for my teachers to see.

Lindsay said...

What a cool idea! My kids will love this one - thanks for sharing!