Sunday, October 16, 2011

signs of the season

These days, I find myself warming to the thought of autumn more than I expected I would. Summer seemed to fly right by, with so many things done and what seemed a good deal of others fallen by the wayside. I felt a sort of urgency to hold on to what remained of the energy of that season, as if I could steady the slowing down of the season to come. I must have forgotten how fall helps me to find my place, how the quiet and introspection bring me back to where I am most at ease, how in the slowness, we find our rhythm. With the traditions that mark this time of year, it is all falling into place.

pictures from the farm's harvest festival

At the farm, in our garden, in the woods and in our home, the changes of the season are abundant. Slower days, pots of soup, apples and pumpkins and cups of tea... What are the signs of the season in your days?


Caroline said...

I know it's fall when I start feeling all crafty, and I'm not even a crafty person! It reminds me of nesting when I was pregnant. It is oddly satisfying, though!

Kelly said...

For us, it all starts the first time we light the fireplace (which is as soon as there is even the littlest hint of cold in the air!).

Nancy said...

I love, love, love Fall :-)
Love the colors, love the smell, love the apples and love the glowing spicy candles at suppertime. Everything seems to turn cozy and comforting and I love that feeling.