Thursday, June 2, 2011

in the ground

The garden is finally on its way. The digging is done (for now), the stones have been cleared and the soil has been mixed and turned. With the usual helpers at our side and the sun strong overhead, we tucked seeds and plants into the fresh dirt.

I must say I was a little hesistant to begin planting. I have a tendency to think there is one best way to do something, and I'll often overthink things to death before making a plan. This is the largest gardening space we've had yet, which added a bit of pressure to the whole situation. A good deal of time was spent looking, thinking and looking some more before deciding to just dig in.

We have filled four beds, totaling about 170 square feet of growing space. A few more plants have made their way to our doorstep, generous offerings from friends and some extras from the farm garden, so a bit more digging will likely be in order (not that I'm complaining!).

The other afternoon, as I sat taking in all the growing things, I did a quick count of the many edible foods in our yard. I included the new plantings, the potatoes, fruit trees, wild berries along the creek, the spring violets and the maple trees, coming up with over 50 food-producing varieties growing here in our little bit of earth.

I like the sound of that.

While there is still more work ahead (fences, stakes, trellises and more), it feels good to have this bit done (and to be done thinking about the right way to do it). I know that the simple mix of sun, soil, air and water are what these plants most need, and already they are rewarding us with the signs of what's to come, each flower and ripening fruit soon to be food to harvest and enjoy.

As with so many things we are doing these days, I am open to and grateful for the opportunity to learn through our efforts -- the successes and failures alike. Each brings its own share of confidence and teaching.

Here's hoping that what we've put in the ground yields just enough of both.


Jamie Bennett said...

I had to laugh when you said how you often overthink things to death... b/c that is so me as well! I just planted the last of my seeds and seedlings yesterday and am still walking past the garden wondering if I should move things around. After reading your post, I'm declaring myself done!!! Except, that is, for a few straggler tomato plants I don't have a home for... Gardening is a lot like mothering, isn't it? It's usually best to just let go and go with the flow rather than try to plan it all out :)