Monday, January 10, 2011

handmades for birth

I have a doula client due any day now, a family expecting their first babe. I've really enjoyed getting to know them and am reminded by their excitement why it is I love this work so much. I try to make a few things for the expectant mamas in my life to bring comfort to the hard work of birth and parenting that awaits them.

Sophia helped make some herbal bath tea bags.

The tea bags are filled with a blend of organic witch hazel, chamomile, comfrey root, calendula, lemon verbena and lavender -- herbs that help promote healing. Used in a sitz bath, these can soothe and comfort the body after birth.

I also made a heat pack for her, similar to these. This one has straps for tying around places that need warmth. (I should mention that the idea for these comes from a doula friend, Holly, who used to sell hers on etsy.)

Again, filled with flax, rice and lavender.

A nice little bundle to help welcome hers.


Mico said...

Amazing idea my friend. Thanks for sharing. Best regards, Felicia fr other side of the Globe Malaysia