Monday, May 9, 2011

from the weekend

The weekend brought with it all a mama could ask for -- sunshine and warmth, work to be done and old favorites like sleeping in, breakfast in bed, handmade cards, backyard fires and playing around.

The thoughtfulness of my husband and children brought some new things as well...

:: flowers for the front porch pots ::

:: more lavender bushes in the beds ::

:: a hammock for swinging by the apple trees, and a new journal for keeping track of all we've put in the ground ::

While more garden beds were being dug and new blueberry bushes were being planted, I got to work right away, testing out that hammock and filling in the garden book with last year's planting.

Oh, it was hard work as usual, but nothing this mama couldn't handle.

A good part of the weekend was spent honoring the mothers in our lives. There is a deep sense of gratitude for what my time as a mother has been, for the confidence gained from the successes and stumbles along the way, for the mothers before me and alongside me who help to lighten the load and for the love and partnership that it is all built on.

Here's hoping all you mamas out there felt celebrated this weekend.


Lynn said...

Look at all those things growing, and your children too! Glad you had such a good mother's day. You deserve it!

Lindsay said...

!!! A hammock and a journal with a beautiful cover - I am jealous!

It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day :)