Friday, May 6, 2011

in the yard

It's been a quiet week around here as we've been happily pulled out of doors by the warm weather and the work it brings. Things are growing and changing so noticeably now, with more green and fullness after each cycle of rainfall and sunshine.

The onions and potatoes are up and growing strong, new things are being planted and the signs of spring are everywhere (especially noted in the strawberry patch where a nest of baby bunnies is nestled in the straw covering).

preparing and planting (lettuces, beets, carrots and radishes are now in the ground)

watching the water flow by

lovely blossoms on the cherry and peach trees

making room for two new apple trees (honeycrisp and gala) gifted to Sophia for her birthday

sitting back and enjoying it all

Wishing you a happy weekend full of spring.


Nman said...

Daniel looks so grown up in the last picture. The raised boxes are nice. Hubby is doing strawberries inside these potato boxes.

Amy said...

Oh that creek... is that in your yard?

Amanda Greco Holmes said...

Yes, that creek is one of our favorite things around here. The kids have so much fun splashing and exploring there.
DeLynn, I'll have to ask Andre about using the boxes for strawberries. I haven't seen them done that way, but it sounds interesting!