Friday, May 20, 2011

new digs

With the finicky weather of late, progress in the yard has been slow. So many projects have been put on hold due to the cold and wet that just won't let up for long enough. With the help of the kids' Grammy and a dear family friend, Mr. Bud, we did see the completion of one new addition this past week.

The kids were eager to help with this project, unloading the lumber, measuring the cuts and learning the ins and outs of power tool safety.

It all came together quickly and beautifully, and once assembled in the backyard, the kids had themselves a new place for building and playing. They lost no time digging in.

They are so happy to have this new digging spot, and I am all too content to watch it all while swaying in the hammock. Oh, it is good to check one more thing off the dream list...


PinkCatJo said...

Fabulous - I'm sure they'll have many happy hours here. It's in such a great position under the tree too. x

Lindsay said...

My kids have been asking for a sandbox. They had one at our old house, but not here. We need to get on that!

It looks like your kids thoroughly enjoy their new play space :)