Tuesday, March 29, 2011

making plans

We've been busy making lots of plans for things to come around here. It's an exciting kind of undertaking that involves lots of referencing of books, scratching of heads, pencils and papers and time spent staring out the windows.

It involves late night sessions with lumber and drills.

And includes many trial runs (and errors).

A few redesigns, a few scratched ideas, but we are eagerly moving forward in our planning nonetheless. The kids are busy at it, too, making plans for the visions swimming around in their heads as well.

We're looking forward to sharing the final versions of all these plans in the weeks and months to come!


PinkCat said...

That's very exciting. I bet they can't wait! x

Nman said...

Noah is still wanting to help you guys out!

Caroline said...

Good things in the works!