Wednesday, March 9, 2011

simple sewing

One of Sophia's gifts this Christmas was the book See and Sew by Tina Davis. It's a beautifully bound introduction to the basics of sewing, with instructions, projects and sweet, vintage illustrations.

In between rounds of throwing logs on the fire and gathering sap this weekend, Sophia sat down with this book and chose the Easy Apron project as a gift for her little sister. I was happy to help her, and as I've not yet met a pattern I didn't try to alter in some way, we made a few changes.

The basic pattern begins with an 18" square of fabric and some bias tape to edge it. Well, I didn't have a good colored bias tape around and don't much like the stuff (to be honest, I find it a bit intimidating). But Sophia did have some ribbon she liked and our easy way of edging fabric. I've used this method to hem skirts and doll clothes with much success.

We began with the fabric wrong side up, then pinned ribbon right side up along each edge of the fabric, overlapping by 1/4".

The ribbon is sewed around all sides of the fabric, with the stitches running along the ribbon edge closest to the fabric. Turn the fabric right side up, fold the ribbon over and press, fully encasing the edges of your fabric. Sew all around.

You'll end up with a square fully framed in ribbon. With the work right side up, choose a corner to be the top of the apron. This will be folded down to make the bib of the apron, so measure 6" from the corner down each side. Use the same steps as above to place ribbon on the back side of this portion of the fabric.

This will make for a ribbon edge in front once you fold the bib down.

Add neck and waist ties, and it's done! Sophia wanted to add a pocket (every apron needs a pocket, I'm told) so we used a solid color, decorated with fabric paint and a stamp from Cavallini Papers & Co.'s Birds and Nests.

Simple and lovely.


Lynn said...

That's a sweet little apron!

Jenny said...

Very Cute! Don't be afraid of bias tape! You'll love it once you get a hang of it!