Wednesday, March 23, 2011

where our feet find us

The coming of spring has been drawing us out. There's a restlessness and energy rising up that seems impossible to settle while sitting inside, and so, armed with curiosity and prepared for adventure, we are out the doors and into the world.

Where are you off wandering?

Come show us at the new Flickr Group, Where we Wander.

Hope to see you there!


PinkCat said...

It's nice to see everyone in blogland getting out and about.

It's a gorgeous day in London and I'm not at work this afternoon. I'm wandering and pottering at home and in the garden and loving every minute of it. x

Anonymous said...

Love this blog.

ali said...

I love these pictures of little booted feet!

Tara said...

Thanks for starting this, Amanda. I've just added some photos to the group. Can't wait to see more of your wanderings! :-)